Top 5 Reason Why People Fight in Relationships
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Top 5 Reason Why People Fight in Relationships

5 Top reasons why people fight in relationships.

This journey that we call life is no easy task and with so many outer influences it can seem hard to stay balanced.  Every day we must face the world and encounter the unknown. Some of us may wear different hats depending on the circumstances, some of us may lie and pretend to be people we are not, others are inclined to appease others in order that they may look good. 

Whatever the case, we are indeed involved with people on a daily basis and at some point have to relate to each other on very personal levels.  We create bonds with each other, comradery, and sometimes these bonds form very special relationships.  In developing these special bonds we are prone to want to know more about the person.  It is in this phase that we realize why we can relate to one another and why we get along so well or lack thereof.  Relationship's can either grow and blossom or dwindle and fade.  Just like a flower in season, everything has its appointed time and there is always a beginning and end. 

So why do relationships end?  Why is it that someone we once thought we knew become foreign?  How could someone we could relate to from the start turn into someone we can no longer connect with?  How can we so quickly go from love to hate?  These questions are always present when pondering the realities of relationships.  We at times can find ourselves arguing and fighting over things in our relationships that really could be a simple fix.  Here are the top five reasons why people fight in relationships:


The love of money contributes to a lot of the stress in a relationship.  The sad thing is, money is an inanimate object. While money can take care of most our material needs, it can not provide the same quality of comfort as person. If you are in a true and sincere relationship, money should be irrelevant and the last thing to rule it. 


One of the seven deadly sins, jealousy has the ability to eat at you and tear your relationship completely apart.  It is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.  It effects the quality and longevity of emotions and greatly effects how we view each other.  Jealousy can cause us to distrust one another and blame each other for things that really may not even be the issue at hand.  What we fail to realize is that jealousy is based out of fear.  When we develop special bonds with people there are times our bonds can come in question.  It is only then when this happens that we can develop the emotions of the fear of loss, losing someone whom is dear to us.  However, by unmasking jealously we can overcome this problem.


In a relationship, time allows us to get to know each other in and out.  When time is taken away or lost we seem to grow apart. It is crucial that we spend as much time as we can with the people we love.  Getting to know someone and becoming accepting of them for good or bad play a huge role in how we relate to one another. This process only it happens over a period of time. The lack of time can cause a great deal of dispute, especially during the very significant beginnings of a relationship.


Communication is the most important part of any relationship.  Unfortunately, we are unable at times to put into words what's on our minds and hearts.  If we can't communicate how we feel or what we want out of our relationships then it is almost certain where they will end up.  Wars are often started because of lack of communication.  These same frustrations ultimately can destroy relationships. That's why the foundation of communication is imperative.

5.  SEX

Loving relationships are healthy and essential in our lives.  They help to comfort, excite, and even intensify our relationships. A lack of sexuality in loving relationships can cause a lot of problems and we begin to ask ourselves questions when we do not receive it.  Questions can spawn into fights and arguments. Sex plays a large role in intimacy, while it does not rule it, it helps us to grow closer to each other and form stronger bonds which each other.


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Wonderful post and very true especially with jealousy as this is very common in most relationships. I buzzed it up!

good article

Well written article. You have elaborated the causes of fights in a relationship very well. vote up.

Thanks so much!