Tips for a Happy Married Life
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Tips for a Happy Married Life

Are all the couples happy in their marriage? Does it take a miracle to survive a troubled marriage? Does happiness depend on material comforts or real love? Why do couples separate at the slightest quarrel? These questions reflect the plight of the human society today. Couples can lead a happy life together if they follow certain principles like purity, patience and perseverance.

What is the definition of a perfect marriage?

A marriage where the partners try to sacrifice their little selfish pleasures and try to adjust to their partner’s likes, where the partners have pure intentions, behave like mature adults, are patient and work hard towards a stronger relationship is a perfect marriage. No human is anywhere near perfect. It does take a lot of willpower to withstand the rough patches in life and still remain happy. Qualities like patience, purity and perseverance will see through troubled times and stabilize the relationship.


Lack of patience is the cause of many a fight. Everyone wants things done in a split second. Small delays are not greeted with happiness. Displeasure leads to quarrels and hot words are exchanged. Patience has to be developed in order to make life a success. All great people did not become great in a minute. They worked hard and were patient in order to achieve success in life. Patience will work wonders in a troubled marriage also. It will help transform the shrew. Patience also helps to control the anger that people express at the slightest difference of opinion. Giving a second chance is far better than shouting or walking away.


Pure intentions are rare these days. Selfish motives cause trouble and misery in the long run. A marriage is a relationship which is formed on the basis of pure love. Partners sign the divine bond of marriage with great hopes and dreams. Any hint of selfishness tarnishes the love. Purity in thought, word and deed will always be praised by a partner. Honesty and straightforwardness are qualities that are looked forward to in a marriage. Partners, who think, speak and act with purity will help transform the marriage into an everlasting relationship.


A perfect marriage should be the goal of every married person. A focused outlook will help to remove the obstacles. Long term aims have to be set by the partners so that the way is made clear.  The partners have to work hard together to achieve it. A relationship will become successful only if the partners involved are ready to cooperate with each other in all types of circumstances.

Happy marriages will become a reality if partners develop a strong love for each other in spite of differences, troubles and trying circumstances. Marriage is like an exam of life where one has to solve complex questions, fill in the blanks, draw graphs and match the right options to make it successful.

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Comments (6)

Valuable tips from a typical Indian woman wedded to her culture and tradition.Thanks.

Thanks Rama sir

It is very apparent from this well composed article you have a firm grasp on happiness within yourself and in relationships too. I liked reading this encouraging information.thank you.

Excellent advice!  Thanks

thanks Roberta and Donata

I totally agree, good advices here.