Things You Should Never Say to Your Girlfriend About Your Ex
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Things You Should Never Say to Your Girlfriend About Your Ex

When you decide to leave a relationship and is now moving forward with a new girl, make sure that you have totally left the past behind.

When you decide to leave a relationship and is now moving forward with a new girl, make sure that you have totally left the past behind.

If you’re dating or in a new relationship, it is better to leave the past behind if you want things to work out well between the two of you. Some men commit the mistake of saying things about their past girlfriend to their new one. Some men intentionally do this to make his new girlfriend jealous, and to prove to how much she loves him by the way she reacts.

This tactic is a game that women hate. This “make her jealous game” gives women the impression that you are tied to the past and cannot let go of the memories. It would also make her feel that you are just using her to forget your ex.

If your aim is to see how much she loves you by making her jealous, you would surely succeed, but after that she’ll definitely regret having you as her boyfriend because you could never love her for who she is. You always compare her to your ex. When you decide to move on, then leave the past behind and make sure you won’t commit the mistake of saying the following to your girlfriend if you’d still want to wake up tomorrow having her around you and loving you.

1. She’s gorgeous with a great body, and every time we go out she takes everyone’s attention

Okay so your ex is gorgeous and super model material, a great candidate for the most beautiful women on earth and FHM’s sexiest. So? May be she found Hercules or Adonis that’s why she ditched you. What’s the point of saying this to your new girlfriend? It seems you are saying that she’s the complete opposite of your super gorgeous ex. Planting insecurity to your new girlfriend is the worst thing that you could do to her. If you love her and your ex is really super gorgeous, look at your new girlfriend as even more gorgeous than your ex. You should instead make her feel confident that she’s the most beautiful woman on earth.

2. She was prom queen in high school and I was prom king. We were such a wonderful couple envied by many

Well congratulations for being the “power couple” of batch 19 something. And what has happened to your fairytale relationship that’s been envied by many? When you say this to your new girlfriend it gives her the idea that nothing could ever compare nor come close to the love that you and your ex shared. And no matter what she does, her love for you wouldn’t be enough. Does she have to compete with the memory of a past love? In this case she would never win. If the past had been truly unforgettable then just keep it to yourself. Each person is different and the ways we show love, care and concern is different too. New experiences bring new memories to share and treasure.

3. She’s wild and crazy, if you know what I mean

Yes we get it. Your ex is tornado/tiger in bed. The weather bureau and the zoo must be looking for her. Do you say that to your guy friends too? Your new girlfriend will surely think that if ever she goes to bed with you she’ll definitely be the headline among your friends the following day. She can clearly imagine now the way you are trying to compare her with you tiger ex. Surely, she would not want to be with a kiss and tell type of guy. So be very careful.

4. She’s a professor, musician and author. She’s also well versed in 5 different languages

Your ex is the “amazing super woman of the new millennium.” So she has great talents and skills, she’s also undeniably smart. Does your new girlfriend have to keep up with your expectations that she should be better than your ex when she knows that she’s far from being like her? If you love her, then appreciate everything about her. If you tell her this, then it would give the impression that she’s a total loser and very ordinary. Each and every one of us is unique and even the most ordinary person in the world surely has something unique to show.

5. Mom and Dad loved her

That’s a big “Ouch!” Hearing this would tell your new girlfriend that your parents may never like her because no other woman could ever take her place in their hearts. It’s not easy to get the approval especially the love of someone else’s parents and if your ex was able to do that, then surely it’ll be hard for your new girlfriend to win their approval, love, care and support. This is like one of her biggest nightmare. You should instead help her gain your parents love too because who knows, she might be even better and much worthy of your parents’ approval, love, care and support.

If you want a smooth-sailing relationship, be sure to leave the past behind and make a brand new start. Never plant insecurities to your new girlfriend; never compare and never show her that you are tied to the past. Love and take good care of the person that you are with now. Allow her to make you happy in ways that she could. Who knows, maybe you’ll be even happier with her than with your ex.

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Comments (10)

Thanks for the tips :) One more thing we cannot say about our ex, "I think I still love her and dream about her every night" ha ha ha

Good post. It seems so obvious, but I bet you this will be an eye opener for many.

Great job on this - oh, another thing a man should never do with his new girlfriend - when you are getting intimate, don't call your new girlfriend your exes name in the moment.

great article, I am too old to play games lol

Very good article, Alma! My husband just told me once about the #1 about how his ex looked like. I don't care if she was the sexy ex-girlfriend. I may not be as sexy as her... but I'm his wife! : )

Yes, very good. Sorry, I'm out of votes

potchie tsang

i think, my next bf should read this.. no more comparison.. period..

nice ate alma.. IDOL =)

Smart and well composed info. thank you for sharing your astute wisdom for men and women.The men will learn from you not to say things and the women will learn to be alerted to what men say for what reasons. Thank you. Promoted since I am out of votes.

nice article. each person is unique so there shouldn't be any comparison if you really love a person. :D

Very wiise words. Can't argue against any of your points.