Romantic Jealousy is Scary
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Romantic Jealousy is Scary

Jealousy is almost always a demonstration of your own insecurities and low self-esteem. Know how to handle your jealousy by reading more...

Jealousy may not be a simple word, but it does not have such a simple definition behind it.  Jealousy is almost always a demonstration of your insecurities and low self- esteem.  Unless an unfaithful partner has broken trust, about ninety percent of jealousy comes from personal insecurity.  Be careful not to focus on your partner when you are feeling unloved.

According to  psychologist excessive possessiveness is inappropriate.  Jealousy is the surest way to drive away the very person you may fear losing.

Fear is the biggest challenge to growth you encounter, for it is the single most effective barrier to your living in the state of peace and joy that is natural to your soul.  Fortunately it can be overcome through a change in your perceptions and thoughts since fear belongs to the realm of the mind.  The primary thing to remember is that fear is almost always projection, not reality.  It involves something that might happen or might not happen but that has not happen yet.  "I don't expect to live without fear, but I strive to learn how to live with it", says a famous quote. 


Studies show that there are many reasons you feel jealous and though it is a normal human emotion to feel, it tends to get out and control it.  There is always a cause for jealousy to arise and once you have those causes figured out, controlling it will become easier.

Why Are You Jealous?

Speaking of self-esteem, jealousy is a good way of lowering it.  So no matter what the reasons may be, it is extremely important for you to conquer it - otherwise, it can do great damage to your self-esteem.

Once you have realized where your jealousy comes from and what causes it, you can then concentrate on keeping it in control and hopefully get rid of it.  If the reason has something to do with your partner, then it is best to have a serious conversation with him or her about it.


Competition With Other Women

It will take time toning down your jealousy and possibly getting rid of it.  It all depends on the situations and reasons says a psychologist.   Furthermore, if having a flirtatious partner makes you jealous and your partner stops flirting, then it may be easier to overcome.

It will be more difficult if your jealousy is coming from a different area such as your competitive nature toward other woman.  It is very common for women to feel jealous of each other's success, relationships and physique.  The best way to fight this jealousy off is to improve your own image and lifestyle.  Do things that boost your confidence a psychologist revealed.  Perhaps you should focus on yourself if you feel jealous of what great shape another woman is in.


How to Handle Your Jealousy

According to  expert to keep yourself on the right tract of jealousy conquering, just remember the following steps:

  • Ask yourself where jealousy is coming from.
  • Learn why it makes you feel jealous.
  • In overcoming jealousy, make a self-health and lifestyle changes that will assist you in overcoming jealousy.
  • Combine jealousy with a more rational emotion.
  • Practice makes perfect.  So if you continue to practice these steps, controlling this stressful emotion will become easier and easier, until you become a total master of it.  You will learn how to take control of your jealousy instead of it controlling you.  Taking control of your emotions will make you leader and not follower of your emotions; which can prevent you from entering many unwanted territories such as depressions, low self-esteem, breakups, and jealousy.


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