Life is Far from Perfect, It is Largely a Compromise
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Life is Far from Perfect, It is Largely a Compromise

Life is one big compromise for all...

I have always felt that life is never perfect or far from perfect !. You plan something and something else happens.I have seen the best laid out plans coming crashing down and one is forced to make new plans . Some people may be a little more lucky in certain matters , but , we all have to compromise to a great extent.. Experience has taught me never to be sure of things and I absolutely believe in the proverb "There is many a slip between the cup and the lip " . one can never be too sure that your plan is going to work because anything can go wrong at anytime.

The best way is to make compromises and be prepared for any eventualities in life without letting any failures  get you down...

We have to mould our life depending on the circumstances. I too have always felt that it is much wiser not to waste time thinking about what could have been, but go about making, what can it be,under the circumstances. Peer pressures sometimes leads us  to make  wrong choices. However much one may try  to follow one's  instincts, there again is a limitation. It is best to lead one's life, taking one day at a time without making too many plans and having too many expectations..each of our action is  generally a reaction to some other action .We go on with our life, forever hoping for better times and for happier times.

It  helps one to do what one  has to do and not bother too much about the outcome, it saves a lot of heartaches and disappointments is better to be philosophical about life rather than be passionate about each and every little thing and its outcome. It is not going to help us nor does it take us forward in life.

It is very difficult to distinguish between good and bad . The border line and our own perceptions of good and bad are different. There are some basic bad qualities as defined by the society like murder,robbery etc;which are easily distinguishable because they are extreme qualities. But again  analysts are of the opinion that under certain circumstances any person is capable of commiting a crime...Generally speaking, we can say that  life is a compromise in more ways than one. But no matter what I feel that life is for living, since we have just one chance to do so,and should never think of wasting it away by contemplating on killing ourselves nor indulge in negative thoughts..

Life would be boring if things were in order and we get everything we wanted out of life easily, and if things were predictable. That uncertainity factor makes it so much more interesting and exciting, though sometimes depressing!

Sometimes things happen for a reason..There is a quote that I like very much, which goes " "The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen." How much of it is true one can never say, but it keeps us positive and go on with live no matter what. If things work out exactly as we want them there is no challenge, and no excitement. It is the work towards your goal that is far more exciting than reaching the goal..Most of us live on a diet of uncertainty . But that has its advantages. It makes us tough and ready to face any kind of challenges in life and as you say be grateful .Like they say when life throws lemons at you learn to make lead life without too many expectations, and at the same time, are prepared for any eventualities.One certainly cannot achieve anything by being rigid or obstinate in life.

Compromise is the game of life. we have to do it at different stages in our life. One can never live alone in a society, so when you have to live with others there has to be a certain amount of give and take.Like they say, Life is lived for a while, so true, one has to make the best of it. It is the same for every body, adjustments and compromises in life. As long as it is balanced things will be fine, but when it begins tilting one way or the other there is bound to be trouble.

Just a thought - Does our life becomes perfect even after all those compromises. One is left wondering, Is that all there is in life?

So One can safely say that life is one big compromise for all, and if that is so what are we fretting about? it is the same for all right?

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