Is There Such a Thing As Love at First Sight?
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Is There Such a Thing As Love at First Sight?

Don't be silly.  Seriously.   You can't 'love' someone you just met.  You can have a strong infatuation.  You want to know more.  You want to build something with them.  Sure, that's all likely.  But what you're basing the 'first sight' on is an immediate attraction.  Many will dismiss this as lust, however I personally think the term lust implies a  sexual fascination and I firmly believe you can feel more than lust.  Just don't get crazy and call it love.

Love is built over time.  Love is the acceptance of the other person in whole.  The flaws that might annoy you to a degree are part of the charm of the other person.  But to 'love' someone you must understand more than the fact that they have a pretty face and a quick sense of humor.  I think this is a problem too many people have.  They rush into relationships now, because movies and tv have convinced people that you just know you love someone because they are initially attracted to them.

I met my wife through an online ad...  I know, I feel dirty even admitting that.  I'd placed ads online for about a year and met several women.  Most of them completely insane (or at least Severely off kilter), only a couple I thought had real potential.  The first time we talked on the phone, without having seen more than a picture or two sent via e-mail, we talked for 7 and a half hours.  We found we had so much to talk about.  She was a beautiful woman, with a dark, dry sense of humor.  She had life experiences that I related to at least in some form.  I was completely smitten with her.  But I would never go so far as to say I was in love with her.

Our first meeting was tense.  We both liked one another and wanted to know so much more.  We built up to the point we believed it was love.  This is the process.

Too many people are getting divorced now days because 'they just aren't happy'.  Well hello!  This is not the movies.  Do you think your grandparents were always madly and passionately into each other?  No.  They made a commitment to one another and built something that was a fusion of friendship, passion, and caring.  They came to understand one another and made the decision to stick it out through thick and thin.

Maybe we should modify the marriage vows for these silly people today, who want to believe that the passion should always be the same through the whole relationship.  Til' boredom or another hottie do us part...

You may have found someone you want to love, but build to love.  Declaring love on such limited exposure is a recipe for disaster.  You don't know enough to love them yet, just that you'd like to.  Build on that.

No one falls in love just by looking at someone.  You might be intrigued.  You might want to know more, you might be fascinated by them, but you are not in love at that point.  Love takes time and knowledge to happen.

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