How to Make a Man Addicted to You
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How to Make a Man Addicted to You

Getting a man addicted to you is similar to making him fall in love with you. You can't force love or attraction, it comes naturally. But you can pave the way for a man to recognize how wonderful you are and appreciate you.

The way to make a man addicted to you is the same as the way to make him fall in love with you. The word 'make' is subjective here, as you can't force a man to find you irresistible and lovable, and nor would you probably want to. One of the great things about love is that a person who really adores you does so out of choice, rather than because he or she has to. However, you can make sure all the right circumstances are in place to give a man a real chance of deciding he can't live without you.

# Freedom

Have you ever heard the saying that if you love someone you need to let them go in order to see if they return to you, meaning that they love you back? Well freedom in a relationships a little like that concept, only the freedom we're talking about isn't to be free to be promiscuous or a rotten date. It's the freedom to be a separate human being from your partner.

Studies show that one of the things about potential dates which worries men most is that they may try to repress their freedom, and prevent them from spending time with friends. If you want a man to find you irresistible it's best to trust him enough, and respect him enough to see him spending social time with pals as part and parcel of your relationship.

# Relaxed attitude

While being serious about a man, you can also have a relaxed attitude, in that you don't try and rush your relationship and push the boundaries before it's time. Even though studies reveal that men can fall in love after just three dates, they also show that men are likely to fall back out of love if their date is clingy, and drops constant talk about the possibility of marriage into conversations.

# Positive

Apparently men are turned on by women who are positive and happy, and turned off by those who are negative and whine, and who can blame them. If you want to catch a man and get him to be irresistibly addicted to you, smile and be happy more often, and leave negativity at the door.

# Don't be critical

No one, man or woman, enjoys being criticised. There may be times when you can see a man could do well to improve himself in some way, and imagine that by informing him you'd be doing him a favor. However, most men see criticism as tantamount to rejection and failure. It's probably hard to find a woman who constantly points out your faults attractive, or to imagine they're the love of your life.

# Don't nag

Along the same lines as criticism is nagging. Women don't generally see what they're doing in this way. In fact, when they have to keep repeating themselves by asking a man to get on and do something they think he should be doing, they generally feel frustrated and upset about it. The strange thing is though, that men feel the same way on the receiving end. They find being nagged makes them annoyed and anxious too.

Getting a man to be addicted to you requires that you break away from old, stereotypical ways of behaving, if that's what you're prone to, and adopt a healthy attitude which regards freedom, happiness and a stress free existence as providing a great foundation for an ideal relationship.


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Comments (11)

I was all these, but the paradox was, the men I loved abused my goodness while the men I didn't love became overly addicted. LoL Nice post :)

Thanks lolitapilipina. It's so hard to find a balance in relationships, and other people don't always feel the same as you do. So complex. In the end, all you can do is be yourself and eventually someone special will appreciate your goodness.

A very helpful article Bridget and I think you could also apply it the other way around - how to make a woman addicted to a man...a second article maybe?

Good idea Marion, thanks

Nice basic tips. Everyone needs a starting point, and these are good places to do that.

This is excellent advise, unless there are cultural differences where the parenting of the man has taught him to desire and seek the opposite. As an American woman, I find it difficult when the process is not mutual-- I don't enjoy "clingy", jealous, paranoid men.

All that have been written here are true. And can be applied to all types of relationship. Even with friends, we don't want them to be too critical or too clingy or nagging all the time. Very well-written article with good solid and helpful information.

I learned a good deal from this article, keep up the good work!

Very nicely done.


You are correct. What I can't stand the most is when someone trys to boss me around in a relationship rather than ask me nicely. I also love to see a warm infectious smile. I don't have a lot of hobbies that take me out of the home, but when I need to get out and enjoy time with the guys, I love a woman who can appreciate that. The more freedom with honesty a person gets, the more respect couples have for each other. I recommended this and buzzed it up.

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