Dealing with the Different Phases in Relationships
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Dealing with the Different Phases in Relationships

All kind of relationships are hard to deal with. One of the hardest kinds maybe for some, a romantic relationship. Romantic relationships go through many different stages during the course of time. In the begining, the relationship is new and exciting. The both of you are figuring out each other and loving every minute of it. During this time your brain and heart are working against each other. Your brain picks up on the things that will later drive you nuts, but because your heart is so happy that it's found someone these 'pet peeves' go undetected. While this stage is going on, you maybe start to think 'Oh my gosh, this is the one', but honestly this is just your hormones and your desperation talking. Although, I do believe love at first sight does exist... it isn't very common.

As time goes on your relationship begins to go into the second phase. The second phase can come very early in a relationship or when you least expect it. This part of the relationship can make or break how the rest of your life will pan out. During the second phase, everything your significant other does is going to get on your nerves. He or She will piss you off like nothing before. It's okay, it's common. Men and women are complexed creatures, neither ever knows what the other wants, because neither can figure what they themselves want. If you and significant other can get through phase two, consider yourself golden.

Relationships generally follow this cycle. You go from absolutely estatic with your sweetheart to wanting to kill them. If you and your sweetheart can get over the first phase two, then most likely you'll be able to get past the rest. Relationships take patience, consideration, understanding, and a whole lot of listening. You have to remember to realize that if your sweetheart didn't love you or like you, they wouldn't be with you.

Through my experience as hard as it maybe, and although you may have been screwed over before you can't make every guy or girl to be heartless. Doing so, will only result in you being sad and lonely. People are so very different and everyone deserves a chance, just because one bad seed harmed you doesn't mean everyone is going. Although, it maybe hard you have to take risks and keep trying on love.

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