Are You Better off Alone?
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Are You Better off Alone?

Are you really better off alone? Should you lower your expectations and settle, or stay single?

You may have heard many people say that they are better off alone, rather than being in a relationship with a person who is abusive, annoying, or lazy, but what are the real pros and cons of living single, as opposed to living in a relationship or marriage?

Pros and Cons of Living Single

Pro: You can do whatever you want, when you want, and don't have to think about whether another person will need to approve of it, or come with you.

Con: It may be lonely to do a lot of things by yourself, and it can be hard to enjoy life experiences without someone to share it with.

Pro: Based on a marriage where the man works, and the woman stays home, does housework, and has kids, you will be able to save yourself a lot of money by doing the housework yourself, if you can be bothered.

Con: If you are a woman, it may not be so great to have children without a man supporting you, and in a relationship where both people work, you may even lose money by being single.

Pro: You have the freedom to go out with anyone if the chance should arise, which may lead you to places you never would have thought possible.

Con: You may get old and unattractive, and find it hard to get a date with anyone. This is one of the main benefits of marriage: the "lifetime" commitment.

Pro: You won't have to stick with a person while they grow old and unattractive, go through cancer and die.

Con: You will have noone who will stick with you while you grow old and die yourself. Lonliness has a way of creeping up on people, and you don't know what you've got until it's gone. 

So are you Better off Alone?

Personally, I feel that I am better off alone, although I am always up for a casual relationship. The problem for me is that either I expect too much, or they expect too much.

This is the dilema: do you lower your expectations, work harder to please a man or woman, just to have someone to play tennis with, or are you better off alone? As I explained, there are pros and cons of both single and married life, and it's not an easy question to answer.

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Comments (6)

Never.After all man is a social animal.

I can not leave alone.I need someone to be happy.

I am single right now, no strings attached.

Looks like there are more pros in being single :)

Superb article

Yes, superb. Voted up.