Are Men Only Interested in One Thing?
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Are Men Only Interested in One Thing?

You may be well aware of the expression: men are only interested in one thing. How true is it, and should a woman be worried?

Only Interested in one Thing

You may have heard the expression before: "men are only interested in one thing". It may not be true in all cases, but how true is it, and are men only interested in one thing?

First, if it wasn't obvious, the one thing that men are interested in is sex, usually sex with a woman, although occasionally men will have sex with all sorts of different things.

The reason is simple from an evolutionary perspective. Men are programmed to spread their seed, they have an instinctual urge to impregnate, thus ensuring the survival of the species.

Often a man has no interest at all in having children, or even having a meaningful relationship, although these are also part of their natural instincts, given they can find the right partner.

Should a Woman be Worried?

It's not like it's a new thing, and with the new developments in contraception, many women decide to just have casual fun in the same way that men often do, and sometimes a one night stand leads to a relationship.

Women often have different instincts when it comes to sex though, because they are the ones who can possibly get pregnant and have a baby, and so they may want to try to make sure that a man will stay in a relationship with them before they engage in intercourse.

The thing is, men are visual, sexual creatures, and he may not even know himself if he wants to be in a relationship until he sees a woman naked. Other men haven't got the patience to wait, when there is another girl who will give him what he wants right now.

There are many cultures around the world that still follow traditions of no sex before marriage, and some men aren't even allowed to see a woman's face, except after the wedding.

Are there good reasons for these traditions? Maybe. Should you wait until you get married in the west, if you aren't engaged to someone in your religion already? Probably not.

The expectations of both men and women have changed quite radically in the west after feminism became widespread.

Often neither sex knows quite how to behave, and there is confusion all round. Some girls do, and some girls don't. Some girls will, and some girls won't.

Personally, I think things would be much better if we went back to arranged marriages, or some such similar pair matching, because the rate of happily married people in the west has dropped by about fifty percent since feminism, the divorce rate has gone up by about hundred percent, and most of the people in the west will die alone.

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Comments (4)

I know,only a man can answer this question,but women can also answer this question as they are with men.what does the writer of this article feel about it?

I feel there that if I could, I would do it all day long, but I also like to eat, drink, and sleep. Love is all you need, but sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what love is. It depends on your perspective.

well i was expecting more on the title of this article? are they or are they not interested in one thing? i guess not. . . but most of them or all for that matter wont give up sex for sure :P

maziar mahmoodi

It's true; men get aroused even in in dangerous situations.