A Guide To Understanding Men
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A Guide To Understanding Men

This is an article for women which explains how to understand a man. Ladies, it's not impossible to figure a man out. Just tricky. Men are much like women in all the ways that really matter. Just because they are big and strong on the outside doesn't mean they cannot be soft and sweet on the inside. Many men are actually surprisingly sensitive.

Men can feel just like women can. The problem with men is that they keep their feelings in and don’t express them in the same ways a woman does. This leaves a lady guessing at what her man is actually feeling. Men have feelings just the same as women do. They feel hurt when insulted or put down, they feel happy when complimented or praised.

Men actually want to make their women happy but most women do not understand this. A girl wonders how a fixed tire or mowed lawn is supposed to bring her happiness but from the mans point of view they have done something wonderful for the one they love. Men do love. Sometimes they don’t show it like a lady does but they do feel love on many levels. If your man is a quiet man it may be almost impossible to know just how deeply he cares for you.

Men do not communicate the same as women. They sometimes cannot just come out and tell you that you are their whole world. They leave you guessing. The reason why is because men fear rejection just as strongly as women do. Men thrive on certain things. They love being loved. They love making money and being a provider.

They love sex. Most women think a mans obsession with sex is completely physical. While yes, some men are just dogs, others crave the sex as a form of closeness. Men need to be held and touched just as women do. A man needs to feel loved and needed and appriciated. When his woman touches him lovingly he knows he is what she wants.

The difference between the man and the woman is the woman will say hold me and the man will say nothing. Sometimes it seems like men just expect us women to know what they want and need. Men, we women are not mind readers. We can guess but we really just don’t know what it is that you really want and need.

Men, like women, need to be understood. They need to feel like they are being listened to and like their words are meaningful. A man will avoid sharing things with his woman if he does not feel like he is being understood, or if the woman throws the things he shares back in his face while fighting. Men do not like to fight any more than women do.

You would think that a mans nature would be more aggressive but when it comes to love men actually do not want to be aggressive. They want to be supportive and strong but not king. It is a lot of responsibility for a man to be the head of the household. They are by nature the leaders, the strong ones.

Men, on the inside, are as emotionally strong as women. Maybe they are bigger than we females are, and maybe they are physically stronger but deep within their hearts and souls they are soft and sensitive and sweet. Men have doubts sometimes, just as women do.

They worry, they think, and the wonder all of the same things a woman does. Just because they appear strong as steel does not mean that they are. Men are strange creatures, yes, but they are pretty simple. To understand a man is to understand a person.

Women are no more understandable than men are. In fact, women are more complex and complicated than a man could ever dream of being. Men are quite simple. If you respect them, love them, and always show them that you care you will have good luck. If you expect too much, are cruel, or are a jealous woman you will have nothing but trouble.

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