6 Signs of True Love
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6 Signs of True Love

Some people say that theyÂ’re in love with love, but if you find yourself doing things that you donÂ’t usually do for a special someone then, you might just be truly in love with that person.

Love is a wonderful feeling but being truly in love is the most amazing feeling ever. A lot of books tells us that you’ll know it’s true love when your heart beats fast whenever that special someone is near, you can’t eat nor sleep, and when you gaze into his or her eyes you’ll see fireworks. Very romantic indeed, but was it enough to say that these were the signs of true love? In romance novels yes we could say that, but in real life it’s much deeper than that.

You’ll know it’s true love when:

1. You have this willingness to talk about and explain being exclusive

If you feel that this particular someone is the person you want to get serious with then, you’ll be willing to explain to this person why you don’t want to date others. With this, you give him or her honesty and loyalty that you are serious with your feelings and intentions, and that you would only want to spend your time with him or her. This is being fair to your special someone if he or she feels the same way as you do and doesn’t want to date anyone else other than you.

2. You don’t want to play any type of games and would get serious with the relationship

You would be willing to honestly say that you got rid of your “little black book;” that none of your acquaintance holds a candle to your beloved. You would honestly and seriously commit yourself to the relationship.

3. You are willing to go somewhere or do something you hate with someone that you actually love

Your special someone becomes more important than the thing you hate to do or the place you hate to go to. You do these things not because you have to but because you want to.

4. You are willing to spend if you are frugal or to save if you are spend-thrift

You are willing to try and experiment on things that you don’t usually do especially with money. You have this willingness to examine fundamental beliefs as a direct result of valuing another person and his or her perspective and opinion.

5. Doing nothing with your special someone doesn’t bore you

Doing nothing together sounds terrific for you. Spending and wasting time in the park, lying down on the grass and watching the clouds pass by for hours makes you feel happy just as long as you are with your special someone.

6. You are willing to risk being yourself

You show to your special someone who you really are, no mask, nor pretentions. Sometimes it’s scary to show things about yourself to a special someone because you’ll never know what might just turn them off, but if you are truly in love you would risk showing the real you because you would want to be loved for who you are, not for who you’re not.

If you find yourself doing things what you don’t usually do for a special someone then, you might just be truly in love with that person.

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Comments (24)

AlmaG, the 6 signs of true love is a wonderful article, that touches on the many simple things in life that mean so much in romantic relationships. Well done! :)

Hi Alma. I especially liked #2 and the #6 signs. Very true.

Great article Alma, no truer words written.

Very good article. We are willing to risk ourselves for true love.

This is the most amazing article Alma.. I especially loved "You are willing to risk being yourself". I am going to tweet this and Voted up, obviously!

Well said! Those are significant signs of true love.

Sorry, I forgot to sign in. I copied the above comment here. Well said! Those are significant signs of true love.

Very well written. Far too often we forget the steps to happiness and stumble before we ever fall in love. Fan friend, smile

Great article AlmaG, a great read :)

These are all very accurate ways to determin if you truly love someone.

Alma, not only is this article insightful, it is timely for me as I have been trying to explain to my daughter what "true love" is and haven't been able to define it quite as eloquently as you have. Although I did try to touch on the same points you did - more validity to what true love really is.

Great article and really good signs of true love

it is true love.

These are definetly the signs of true love!

Another great article. Very well expressed. Thank you my friend.

brings me back to the "not so olden times" - when our love (my husband and I) was very young and we have nothing but love....adn up to now, we still have that love....it is indeed a true love! great!

I loved this article. When you have been with "your true love" for years its great to be reminded of the love you share.

Extremely well analysed. A great article, as usual. Thank you Alma.

6 Signs of True Love indeed.

I enjoyed this completely! I really like the "risk being yourself," it's very true.

Great insights. I remember feeling this things with one girl decades past until she changed her mind and we never heard from each other again.

nice article. enjoyed it.

Great article.

This is a very honest article. Though 'Love' is subjective, your points here hold true. Thank you for sharing this fantastic article.