5 Things People Sacrifice for Love
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5 Things People Sacrifice for Love

Love isnÂ’t love if youÂ’re not willing to sacrifice something for it. It may be as big as giving up all of those you own like wealth and material things in exchange for a simple life with the one that you love, or something as small as giving 5 minutes of your time even if youÂ’re very busy just to talk to your special someone.

Love isn’t love if you’re not willing to sacrifice something for it. It may be as big as giving up all of those you own like wealth and material things in exchange for a simple life with the one that you love, or something as small as giving 5 minutes of your time even if you’re very busy just to talk to your special someone.

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There are countless things that we sacrifice for love but among the most popular ones are the following:

1. Career

There are some career that’s so demanding of your time and energy. You’ll end up coming home late at night and exhausted. All you wanted to do once you get home is to sleep, and the following day to wake up early for work. It’s normal for your significant other to understand the situation, but will sooner or later get tired of that set up. Some people sacrifice a change of career or settle for a job that doesn’t require so much of their time so that the remaining time they have left can be given to their significant other.

There are some women who sacrifice by giving up their career to be a house wife when they decide to get married. They give all their time and energy for their family most especially to their children. Some men on the other hand sacrifice by giving up their career and settling for a job that pays less than what they have before, for as long as they are working in a place that’s near to their home and family.

2. Living Situation

If you live in Town A and your significant other lives in Town F, you will be asked by the other if you can live with him in Town F once you settle down because his place of work is there. In this situation people sacrifice by agreeing to relocate just to be with their significant other. You may not be particularly thrilled about moving there, but you are willing to do it if it’s the only thing that would allow you to be together. You relocate and adjust to the new environment, and soon enough you’ll also learn to love that place since the love of your life is there with you.

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3. Religion

In most relationships giving up one’s religion and converting to his or her significant other’s religion is ones of the greatest sacrifices to do. If you were raised a catholic for example, and was brought up with great devotion to your religion, it’s hard to just throw away something that you have and believed in all your life. But because of love you will be willing to change your faith and beliefs to that of your significant other. It would be an advantage because fighting over different faith and beliefs would totally ruin and even break the relationship. But there are relationships that do work out even if the couples belong to different faith. The sacrifice in this situation is to give a great deal respect to each other’s faith and beliefs; that would avoid any misunderstandings and quarrels in the relationship.

4. The Single Life

Once you’ve found the right person you can sacrifice anything that you enjoyed doing before when you were still single. All that you would want to do is to spend all of your time with the person you love. Some people would even cut someone or several others out of their life if these people are not supportive of the relationship they have with their significant other. It’s a great sacrifice but you are willing to do it for love.

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5. Habits and Vices

Both men and women has their own way to enjoy life like hanging out with friends, parties, drinking, smoking, etc. Once someone gets into a serious relationship, little by little they would stop and avoid those things that their significant other doesn’t like in them. We hear stories of couples saying “he changed me” or “she changed me.” Actually, your significant other is just there to support you change those bad habits and vices, but the will to change is done by you. You changed because you wanted to, and you did it out of love.

It’s our nature to sacrifice something for love. Love is a journey that two people go through, and in each journey are difficulties and risks that require sacrifices. Once you have found the right kind of love you will be willing to sacrifice anything for your special someone and for the happiness that both of you will share.


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Comments (29)

Another great study. So very well explained and so true. I admire your work Alma, truly.

Great share, how about the love of writing? Well done post, Alma.

Very true, A.J.. I think we live in a relatively unromantic age, and that many people had just come to view these things as accomodations of modern life. Thinking about it helps us remember what each one in a couple has given up to the higher priority of their relationship. Astute! !

Toni Star

Great article! So true about the sacrifices we all make for love and how wonderful to give and receive love!


These images are beautiful.

Fabulous article! Very true about the sacrifices we all make for love.You really said it all perfectly, a job well done! Unfortuantely I ran out of votes for today which is rather annoying but I will definately buzz this up Alma!

Excellent article ! Very true that it need not be anything big but sometimes smaller gestures like making time for one another takes on a new meaning altogether...

Thanks for reminding us all of the beauty of love amidst sacrifices.

I am in full agreement with you


Lovely article - thank you!

beautiful... you are the love doctor!

I think in today's society love isn't taken as seriously as it once was. People now have this good feeling about someone and think it's love and they get married so fast and it's over before you know it. Vows don't mean anything anymore to lots of people. I love this article and everyone should read it. Maybe it would open their eyes to what true love is about. Great job!

I am not religious. At all. But still, I would find it ridiculous if someone asked me to change my religion. I don't think it should be a problem. If you love each other and respect each other's beliefs, problems are solved. I don't believe in changing the religion but adjusting, understanding and excepting. Career...it might be difficult to change something you spent so much time and effort to build. Changes and compromises are welcome but...I am not sure about an everlasting change is possible...


i want to sacrifice but i'm scared it's so hard and not fair

i have to leave my country and go somewhere else some place i've never visted before in my life for that someone that i love i dont know what to do

Hi Axel, thanks for the comment you posted. You know in love, you'll never know what to expect until you gave it your best. If the person you love gave you an assurance, then you don't have to get scared. Be bold to show that special someone the love you have... go cross the world... True love comes only once in a lifetime. If you are sure that this person is the one then, you don't have to be afraid. One day you'll be happy and proud to say that you are with this person because you gave it your best to be with the one you love.

Hi Alma. I did number 1. Gave up my career so I can be there a 100% for my family. I liked the flower image. Very nice! : )



Jane Martlet

I also love someone but he does not love me,he love someone else so i leave him,simple...same happens four times.I am hopeless now that means i always did sacrifice and now about the love i do not know ,,i do not know the meaning of love,love is a silly thing that i can not understand i my life.if someone can help me so please reply.....

Hello Jane, True love comes at the most unexpected time. The more you look for it, the more you stumble at the wrong one. There's a lot to enjoy in life, so for the mean time focus on your dreams and goals in life and while you're busy doing that, you'll see that love will come along. Focus on the positive things in life and enjoy! Don't look for love, let love find you.


I have done all 5...still not reached agape...

so true

VEry nice piece...I like it...

A great article and beautifully written. I think many of us sacrifice for love, its just what we do as humans. We want those we love to be happy, even if it means giving up something/somewhere we love ourselves. A great and thoughtful read :D

Excellent article.Thanks for sharing.


What about when people give up their family for what they call love what they believe it to be? I have a sister in-law who we just saved from dating a felon any longer said it was like he died when the cops took him and not even two weeks later got a new boyfriend at McDonalds we told her we loved her but not her actions considering she has children who get attached to these men and she said we didn't want her to be happy and cut us out of her life. I dont get it. Does love make people stupid too by putting the welfare of their children on the back burner so they can have their so called one and only?

Hello Megan, thank you for leaving a comment.I think your sister-in-law at this moment feels incomplete not having a man by her side who would help her raise her children and build the kind of family she dreams about. There are many factors that led her to this. It might have originated from her childhood with regards to her relationship with her father, her teenage years, her separation with her recent husband, or because she has fears of growing old alone. Love doesn't make people stupid, love builds relationships that will allow people to care more for that special someone and all those people that this special someone cares about. I think your sister-in-law needs to talk to a professional who will help her cope up with her fears. She must learn to love herself first. Her happiness doesn't depend on a man. She must also learn to accept certain things in her life and realize that she's not alone because she have her children, you and all those people who genuinely love her. I understand that you want to help her realize that, but it's giving her a different interpretation that you are against her happiness. We cannot force her to seek help, it must come from her because if she's truly open to that idea then the healing process will surely progress a hundred percent. Just give her time to really want it, but for now it's better to give most of your love and attention to her children. Teach them that love isn't about being in a boy-girl relationship, it's building relationships with those people who cares for them. And happiness doesn't depend on one person, happiness depend on how strong you've built relationships with those people who cares about you.

I'm about to get married to the love of my life. I even moved from London, UK to South Georgia just to be with her. Therefore I can relater more than ever to your well-composed article. Thanks for sharing.

Well written and very informative. Thanks for sharing.